This Week's Veg

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Fruit and veg available for delivery for the week beginning 16th December.
Local and Scottish produce is marked with an asterisk *.


Bulbs Roots Brassicas Fruiting Veg
White Onion* Red Onion Shallot Garlic Leek Spring Onion* Potato* Carrot* Ginger Turmeric Sweet Potato Celery* Celeriac Beetroot* Swede* Fennel Parsnips* Cauliflower* Brussels Sprouts* White Cabbage* Red Cabbage* Savoy Cabbage* Green Kale* Black Kale* Purple-Sprouting Broccoli* Large Cucumber Loose Tomatoes Aubergine Courgette Red Pepper Green Pepper Pumpkin
Leafy Legumes Cereal Herbs


Hard Citrus Stone Soft/Berry Other
Spartan Apple (UK) Fiesta Apple (UK) Gala Apple (UK) Orange Clementine Grapefruit Lemon Lime Mango Banana Pears (UK) Persimmon Kiwi Pomegranate
Please note that these items are subject to change.