A basket of fruit and veg lying on the grass
A basket of fruit and veg lying on the grass


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Office closed today - 18th June 2018


The office is closed today due to staff sickeness. Emails will be picked up later on today. If you need to get in touch with a query or to place an order, please send an email, and someone will get back to you. Otherwise, please leave a message on the answer machine, and someone will get back to you tomorrow.

Weather Update - Thursday 1st March 2018


Oh my, the winds are horrendous right now! One minute calm, the next a whiteout!


Matthew has managed to get onto the farm today, and I'm waiting to hear if Tom managed to get in. I'm in Newmachar, and had to turn back because of the large drifts on the B-road over. The road has narrowed at the pumping station, and I tried to drive on, but got near the Whitecairns junction and it was a complete whiteout with winds throwing snow everywhere. I thought it best not to risk driving into a ditch because I couldn't see, and my snow tyres couldn't stop me sliding!


Matthew thinks he should be able to get the boxes out today. He will update me in the next hour or so, and I'll wait for a while to see if I can get in or not. We'll continue to assess the situation, and will keep everyone posted.


Stay safe people!


No Sarpo Mira


Unfortunately, the Sarpo Mira potatoes have been badly hit this year, and we are unable to supply them for Christmas. However, we have the perfect replacement for them in the Carolus potato. 


Carolus has a slightly floury texture once cooked, with an excellent flavour. It is very suitable for boiling, mashing and makes superb roast potatoes. As it has a reasonably high dry matter, it is also good for home frying. So, a great all-rounder for Christmas!



New telephone line


We are please to announce that a new telephone line has been installed, and we have a new number. You can now contact us on 01651 869400.



Christmas Order Form

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Autumn update

Well summer has gone. Not that it has been anything to write about other than to say it's been the worst summer in 80 years, and 3rd worst since records started! 

New phone line

Today we got the news that the installation of our new phone line will be completed on 2nd August.

Humus Builder

We took a trip into the fields to check out the progress of the seeds we planted several months ago, and they are coming on fantastically! We planted a mixture with strong tap roots, which stabilise plant matter around them, and hugely improve the soil structure and organic matter levels. Over time these will be turned into humus compost. 

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