The coming week's produce



Potatoes (SCO)

Beetroot (SCO) 

Golden Beetroot (SCO)
White onions (SCO) 
Red onions(SCO) 

Leeks (SCO)

Parsnip (SCO)
Garlic (CH) 
Shallots (NL) 
Pak Choi (NL) 
Broccoli (SP)
White Cabbage (SCO) 
Red Cabbage (SCO)

Brussels Sprouts (SCO)
Swede (SCO) 
Spinach (SP)

Rainbow Chard (SP)
Green Peppers (SP)
Red Peppers (SP) 
Chili (SP)
Aubergines (SP)

Courgettes (SP)

Tomatoes (SP) 

Vine (NL) 
Cherry (SP)

Lettuce (FR)

Cucumber (SP)

Green Celery (SP) 
Ginger (PE) 
Turmeric (PE)

Parsley (SCO)

Avocado (MEX)




Mushrooms 200g for £1.10, 400g for £2.20

Eggs (large) £2.50




Gala Apples (UK)

Inored Apples (IT)

Pears (UK)
Oranges (SP)

Sicilian Blood Oranges (IT)

Clementines (SP)

Grapefruit (SP)
Lemons (SP)
Kiwi (IT)
Pineapple (CR)
Mangoes (PE)

Papaya (ES)
Coconut (IV)
Lime (SP)


Please note that this list is subject to change and is by no means final. 

We are located at:

Bridgefoot Organic Co-op

Bridgefoot Farm



AB21 7PE

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Office: Mon-Thurs: 9am - 4pm

Fri: Office closed, deliveries only


Christmas holidays:

Office closed: Friday 22nd December 2017 until Monday 8th January 2018.


Final delivery of 2017: Friday 22nd December.

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